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New layout

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Wahoo – I scrapped last night. I did this layout for Vicky’s challenge on SBO. The challenge was to scrap some blury photos and these photos of Jamie on the swing at the park were just perfect.

Spin me faster!

Think I’ll have to do some more scrapping tonight! Study? What study? I have lots to do but hey it will still be there in the morning lol.

Can you believe it the kids are still sick. Lots of high temperatures, sleeping and generally not well. I took them both back to the doctors yesterday but he couldn’t find anything wrong with them. He said what ever they had has just knocked them for six and they need plenty of rest.  If they havn’t started to improve by Monday I will be taking them back. It just doesn’t seem right they have been sick for so long – it has been three weeks for Tiana now. I also get a bit worried about Jame with her heart condition too – don’t want the bugs to put any stress on it.

Righty ho, I’m off to sort out some RAK’s for some people!!


Final Grades

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Well my final grades for Semester A have come through. I got –

A for Environmental Education

A- for Social Studies

A- for Information and communication technology

A- for Physical Education

B+ for Professional Practice

B for English

Over all I am very happy with these marks 🙂

Here is the layout that I did for “Kiwi Jack Me Up”.

Great Dad

Check here for the rest of the wonderful layouts!! Why don’t you give it a try too – it’s heaps of fun.

A big thanks to Ruth and Janine for the lessons on how to do the ‘linky thing!’. Easy once you know how. Thanks ladies.

 Jamie is sick now! Yeah – not. She has the starting of a chest infection and an ear infection. Please do not let me get sick – I do not have time to get sick.

Motivation, chest infections and Kiwi Jack Me Up!

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Well, I am seriously lacking any motivation to do anything at the moment. Even getting out of bed is one heck of a mission!! Hopefully once the kids are back at kindy and day care next week things will get moving again. There are so many things going on here at the moment that my mind can not concentrate on study but my thoughts are consumed by these other things! Sigh!!

Tiana has a chest infection. The poor little thing was not well at all yesterday so I took her to the doctors. She feel asleep while we were waiting to see the doctor and snored up a storm in the waiting room. Man she is noisy!! lol Here is a photo I took of her & I on Tuesday arvo when she feel asleep on my lap. Such a neat photo.

Tiana & I

 Kiwi Jack Me up (now how do I do the linky thing someone please??) I was lucky enough to be asked to be the guest designer for the next lovely person being jacked! I havn’t done the layout yet – there goes that motivation again. But I will do it!!! Anyway, check out the site on Saturday for all the new person being ‘jacked’!

My big girl

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I can’t believe that Jamie only has one more term at kindy, then she will be a big school girl! I decided that she needs some practice with her writing, so she & I altered  an exercise  book for her to practice in. She asked me how to spell Tiana’s name & she wrote it all by herself. She sure is growing up!!!

Jamie’s book Jamie’s writingTiana’s Name

Semester B started yesterday & I have done bugger all. Too busy keeping the kids entertained. Tiana isn’t well either – a nasty cold. In fact she has just climbed on my knee & fallen asleep. Bless her.

The peace and quiet…

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has gone! I picked up the girls at lunch time today from Tirau. They have been at their grandparents for a week. They had a great time but were ready to come home and Andre & I were starting to miss them.

 Only one day left until the new uni semester starts – not sure if I am looking foward to this semester or not??