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So I’m getting harrased…

lol – Yes I know it has been far too long since I updated the blog but things have just gotten in the way. Very important things I tell you … ummm like scrapping, reading fantastic books, hanging out at beaches/parks/playgrounds, eating (well we won’t go there ’cause that is just doing my head in at the moment.)

 Anyways, I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. Both were pretty quiet for us. Andre’s mum came over from South Africa and was here with us for the month of December which was great. So she was here with us for Christmas Day and Andre’s brother & SIL came down from Gisborne which was cool. Then New Years eve Andre worked until 11pm so I just scrapped until he came home & then we had a couple of drinks & watched some nonsense on

What else can I share?? I got a fantabulous new camera for Xmas. A panasonic FZ8 – much fancier than the old sony point & shoot number. Sill have heaps to learn about it but its just awesome. So on that note I will leave you with some of my favourite photos from the last little while.


Jamie & Tiana waiting at the top of the flying fox at Dolamore Park.

OK, so that’e the only one you are going to get. For some reason the photos are the wrong way round?!?! They look OK in my photo programme but when I put them here they are wrong. Strange. Any ideas? Ohhh now wordpress has cut the side of the photo off too. I give up!


So it’s about time for a catch up!!

Can you believe it, we have been in Gore for 4 weeks on Friday. That sure has gone by fast. We are still finding our feet – esp. Andre & I. We still are feeling pretty unsettled but we will get there. We had a great journey down. Seeing lots of wonderful places and scenery along the way. The girls (& the dog) were really great with the travelling. We did plenty of stopping along the way which helped.

 Jamie is now a big school girl!! Week three at school and things are just going really well. She is full of chatter and information to share when she gets home which is just awesome. Lets hope that it continues.

Tiana & I are finding playgroups, music groups etc to keep us entertained. Great way to meet some mums for me to talk too also!

 What else??? Oh yes – a big shout out to Miss Janine who is on a four week practicum. I hope it all goes well for you (which of course it will!!) I have deferred my practicum until next year because of moving. So it is going to be one heck of a crazy year for me next year. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

So what is up with this crazy weather???? If any one has the sun, please send it down here! I won’t keep it for too long I promise!!! 🙂

Well I think I have rambled for long enough now……

Challenge five

of the challenges over at Scrapbook Essentials was all about doing a layout about a challenge and making it a double! (Layout that is). So here is my one. All about what a challenge it was bringing Jamie home from the hospital after having cardiac surgery. It’s nice and simple but I really love how it came out. And isn’t that owl too cute!!

Bringing Jamie Home

 On the home front things are still just crazy as ever. We still havn’t had a date regarding our move but at this stage we are going with leaving Turangi on the 26th of Sept. So not long to go now!!

NB – OK for some reason when I publish the post it won’t show the whole layout. Click on it to see the whole thing.

Enough is enough!!

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Did you ever have  one of those days when you thought – I’ve had enough! I don’t want to be someones wife, someones mum, someones chief cook & bottle washer. When you are sick of picking up toys, sick of washing the floor because someone spilt their milk again, sick of having interupted sleep, sick of hearing I’m hungry, pick me up, I need you…..

 Well thats how I feel today. I’ve had enough! I’ve been awake pretty much since 3:30am with Jamie who is unwell again. I’ve given all the cuddles that I could possibly give, it took me all day to write a lesson plan that should of been done in about an hour, I finished the ironing at 8pm after DH ironed three work shirts at 11am & left the rest (then came in when I was doing it & said I was gonna do that!?!??!?). Enough I say, enough!!!! Right about now I could go back to being twenty one, single & enjoying myself far too much!

 But I’ll wake up in the morning & keep on keeping on!

{OK, just had to get that off my chest – we will now return to normal viewing :-)}