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The colour of tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe

“Grace’s life is unravelling. She feels lost in eclectic, buzzing Macau, where her husband Pete is managing the opening of a casino. Devastated that her dream to have children is cut short, her marriage becomes strained and their sadness remains unsaid, causing them to drift further away from each other. During celebrations for Chinese New Year, Grace watches the fireworks and an idea is sparked. She’ll turn her love and memories of Parisian “macarons” into the opening of her cafe, Lillian’s. For ex-pats, drinking “real” coffee is a godsend, for others, it is tea and sympathy that bring them back. With a much-needed focus and newly found friends, there’s now a reason for Grace to get up each morning — until Pete tells her news that will tear at her heart.”

Ohhh don’t you just love the cover of this book!!! When I saw this cover in the publisher’s list that came to work my first thought was I must have this book, then when I read the blurb the ‘tick’ when straight in the box.

This was such a great book. As I sat reading this book during my lunch break at work I felt as though I was there in Macau sitting in Grace’s cafe eating macaroon after macaroon. Each chapters title is the name of a new macaroon – torture I tell you!!

You won’t be disappointed with this book – a real good ‘chick’ read! 🙂


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  1. If I am in a bookshop and just browsing I will often pick up a bok by the cover. The cover is what draws me in and then if I read the back and I like what I rfead it will come home with me. As much as I love my kobo I still love touching real books and turning real pages and the cover lust I have just isn’t the same on a kobo lol.

    I will put this down on my to read list.


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