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Monthly Archives: June 2010

It’s just a number

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I’ve had two people say this too me in the last couple of days – right after I’ve said “I’m getting old!”

It’s funny I have never really worried about having a birthday and turing another year ‘younger’ but this year with my birthday fast approaching I don’t feel too happy about it. Maybe it’s because there is a ‘5’ at the end of this one and it means that I am getting closer to an ‘0’ birthday? I don’t know what it is but I feel kinda weird about it.

Oh well whatcha gonna do about it. As a good friend put it to me today – 30’s are great because you have so much more confidence in yourself than you had it your 20’s. You say ‘yes my butt is bigger’ but I don’t care who is looking at it as I shake in on the dance floor! lol (And then you fall off the swiss ball!!) Don’t ask!

I’m going to approach this new chapter of my life with my head held high, with a strong confidence that He has plan for me (I just wish I knew what the plan was) and that if all else fails I can get on the dance floor and shake my groove thing!

Right moving on. I’ve been scrapping up a storm – but I can’t show you anything 🙂 just yet. Good things come to those who wait!


Hello world!

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Hello blogging world! It has been awhile… too long in fact.

Way to much has been happening to tell you everything so I’ll just stick with the most recent and the most exciting news. I have been chosen to be on the Scrappin Patch design team! I am so super excited. I have had quite a bit of time away from scrapping due to Uni and everything else but I am ready to get back into it. I am so honoured to be working with such a talented group of ladies. Ohh I’m just so excited! lol

So, what does that mean?? I will be over here LOTS! Hopefully inspiring you with all the wonderful product that is available in the shop. It also means that I will be (hopefully, I will try my very hardest!) to keep this blog updated.

So stop in and say hi at the Patch, join the forum and join in on all the fun we are having over there. Also say hi here – will be nice to know if anyone is listening to my ramblings. 🙂