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Real life – day three

Opps a bit of a delay for day three – I forgot all about it last night.

Well yesterday we saw the sun!! Oh yes we did – very exciting! lol I tell you the weather down here is crazy. So I had to take a photo of this.


Yes it is washing hanging on the line in the sunshine. Not all that exciting for you but very exciting for me!!

The girls have been spending a lot of time in here after I found a bag of sand. Man they play the funniest games!


Last night in between watching LOST (which was the craziest episode ever – what the heck is going on!?!?!?) I was looking through my albums from when I was on my OE. Ohh some funny, funny photos. Lots of awesome memories from the free & single days!!


Right today is a very special day. It is my parents 37th Wedding Anniversay!! WTG Mum & Dad. It is also my nephews 3rd birthday – Happy, Happy Birthday gorgeous boy. And it is also my good friends Jan & Andy’s wee boy Alex’s 2nd birthday. So lots of celebrating going on arounnd the country today. Me on the other hand has to clear my study desk of all the crap sitting on it & get myself back into study mode. Oh the joy!


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  1. oh the lovely sun 🙂 This time of year is rather nice up here – crisp mornings, warm sunny days, cool nights. I like autumn.

  2. Congratulations to your parents, Julie

  3. I got excited about the sun as well :o)

  4. Yay for the sunshine!! Glad you have finally had some down there 🙂
    I agree, LOST was just totally weird!! I am more confused than ever, grr!

  5. Sun’s out again today … hope you are making the most of it …

  6. shhesh I dont blog and then come back and find you have been lol. Belated Happy WA to your folks… were a busy blogger.


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