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Real Life Day 1

So I was reading Vicky’s blog the other day & she had a great idea to post photos about ‘real life’. Things that are happening that are just part of everyday &  maybe get neglected to be photographed. I forgot about it during the weekend but thought I would make a start today.

Tea & hot x buns

This morning was just bliss! **Sigh** I dropped the girls off, did a couple of jobs in town then came home toasted some hot cross buns, made a cup of tea & watched PS I Love You on DVD. This is not normal Monday morning behaviour but ohh was it just wonderful. Even if I did spend the best part of the next couple of hours crying. What a great but sad movie – it got me at the wake when the Pogue’s song  came on & then that was it!!


 Most days Tiana and I end up playing a couple of games after kindy and before we have to pick Jamie up from school. Today’s choice was Snap.


Making cheese & Marmite scrolls to satisfy mums carb craving!!


Chilling with a snack & a bit of TV after finishing her homework.


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  1. yummy hot cross buns!

  2. Look at those big girls!!!!
    I’ve been trying not to buy the hot cross buns yet, Kaya is turnign out just like his mama though, thinks we need to get some every time we stop in to buy milk!

  3. is it cold down there already? I see the kids in their sweatpants etc…


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