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25 things about me

So I have seen this done on a few blogs lately & thought to myself – hmm wonder if there are 25 things I can tell blog land about me. So here goes –

1. I’m 33, a Cancerian & very true to Cancerian traits.

2. I met my DH in Israel. We were engaged less than three months after meeting and married seven months after meeting. It was just meant to be!

3. I REALLY want to go back to Israel one day.

4. I have dislocated my patella three times. The last time I was dancing on a table when it happened. Enough said about that!

5. I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Teaching Degree. I have done this completely extramurally and will be so pleased when I have finished.

6. I love pizza & have passed down this love to my youngest who wants pizza for tea every night! lol

7. Tomorrow I am starting up a fitness programme that I hope will get me back into shape.

8. I spend waaaay to much time on the computer. A habit I really need to break.

9. As a kid I loved the smell of petrol. There was nothing better than winding down the window at the petrol station and taking a few deep breaths!! (Weird I know!)

10. Now there is nothing I love more than the smell of more than freshly baked bread. I love to eat fresh bread just as it is too. No toppings needed thanks!

11. When I was pregnant with DD#1 I craved orange juice. With DD#2 it was coke! Hmm explains alot!

12. I am a very emotional person!! (Just ask DH!)

13. My mum chose the day I was born. She knew I was going to be induced so she chose the 4th of July – why? Because it was “4 Squares Birthday” (the store) and they gave babies born on that day lots of presents.

14. I have always wanted to go overseas and do aid/volunteer work. Maybe I will get the chance one day.

15. I was born in Auckland. I LOVE going back there but I don’t think I will ever go back there again to live. (So long as DH is around anyway! lol He hates it!)

16. I get road rage when driving in big cities now! Been away from them for too long.

17. I love to read. I have just finished reading the first book on our book club list. Will blog about it later!

18. I don’t have very much will power especially when it comes to food! Probably explains why I have never been on a diet.

19. When I am nervous I talk – alot!

20. I am not a girly girl. Most of the time you will find me in jeans & a t-shirt. I don’t really get hand bags & shoes are shoes! lol But in saying that I love shopping and if I had endless supplies of money I’m sure I could learn to love them.

21. I love nothing better than soaking in the bath.

22. When I was little I cut my hair & blamed it on the neighbour!

23. I would love to fly in a fighter jet and drive in a formula 1 car – someone else can do the flying/driving though.

24. I love the programme LOST. I am truely hooked on it and can’t wait for the new season to come back on.

25. My biggest dream is that one day my family and I will live in a home that we own.


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  1. And you never need to diet because you have such a good figure anyway!

  2. I’m a Cancer too, and disgustingly true to the traits much to my annoyance! LOL!

    So… a closet table dancer eh?


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