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Whoo Hoot Wednesday!!

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Yep it’s Wednesday. Where has the week gone. Jamie only has half a day left at school this week. The teachers are on a course for the rest of it.

So what do I have to Whoo Hoot about this week:

1. Today I started an assignment & guess what?? It’s nearly finished!! Now this is a first for me and I am super stoked.

2. My big news – I have signed up to be a Stampin Up demonstrator. Yeah!!! So excited about this. Will be nice to be able to share my passion for creating. So if you live down my way and would like to have a workshop let me know. Or if you would like to see a catalogue or place an order just sing out (Even if you are not in my area! 🙂 ). Just in case you are not sure what Stampin’ Up is all about check them out here. You can also view the cataloge on there too. My goodies havn’t arrived just yet but should be here any day now.

Right I better go & tick some things off my list of things I had to do today. And start a list for tomorrow lol (It is the only way I am getting things done at the moment!)


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  1. well done on assignment one thats awesome!!! Um drats you telling everyone about ya Stampin Up business I could have had fun about that rumour lol……..great list Julie and good to see you smiling.

  2. Well done getting your assignment finished so fast! Congrats on signing up with SU … will be nice to have some extra $$ and to get them doing something you love 😉

  3. congrats on becomng a SU consultants!

  4. Good luck with the SU stuff! 😉

  5. Yay SU goodies are georgous! Well done on your assignment 🙂

  6. Julie… it’s time for an update…. missing you LOL.


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