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Man I am so good at reading peoples blogs but keeping my own updated is another story!

What can I tell you??

We all survived the holidays. Lots of trips to the park (when the weather played nicely), heaps of boards games and the odd swim at the local pool.

Jamie was plesased to get back to school today. The biggest reason……….. she has her first wiggly tooth!! She is so excited about it. Though she was in tears yesterday when she found it to be really wiggly – she was really worried that someone would pull it out (Andre had to have a broken tooth pulled out not so long ago). A few hugs and promises of the ‘tooth mouse’ coming to leave money & all is OK again.

Now the “tooth mouse” – apparently this must be a South African thing?!?!? According to my husband the mouse comes & leaves money in your shoe. I like the idea of the fairy but it looks like Andre is getting his way with this one.

Uni started again last week. Wahoo! Ok enough of the sarcasm. I am having a tough time with a few things at the moment but hopefully I will get myself sorted and be on the track to the end of the year.

I have some exciting news to share – hopefully by the end of the week or early next week. So stay tuned – I’m super excited about it!!!


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  1. tooth mouse! that’s cute 🙂

    good luck with the adjustment back to semester 😉

  2. hey I like the idea of the tooth mouse, thats so cool……. lol you know thats how rumours start, when you say I have news……lol wink wink….I could have fun with that. Julie, you will get back on track……

  3. Well I have never heard of a tooth mouse leaving money in a shoe … but what a fun idea! Jamie will have to tell her school friends that things are done differently at her house, how cool!

  4. Yes, the toothmouse came to leave money in our shoes too. But here the tooth fairy came hen the boys’ lost their teeth. So spill the news or I’ll make up some stories about you ……

  5. The tooth mouse is an interesting one! Love exciting news, can’t wait to find out! Have a great week 🙂


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