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It’s Wednesday!!

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That means we are Whoo Hooting!! (Don’tcha love the wee owl!!)

* I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow – now that is a big Whooooo.

* My glasses are ready to be picked up – will do this after said haircut.

* I have spring cleaned two rooms – many more to come.

* Tiana had a nap today – the peace & quiet was bliss – finding she had pee’ed in my bed was not ROFL!

* Only four more days till the big reveal – very exciting & a wee bit nerve wracking too!!

So what do you have to Whoo Hoot about today???


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  1. Yep, nap=good, pee in bed = not good. lol

    Enjoy the haircut and the new glasses. 🙂

  2. oh ok I had to laugh at the peeing in the bed. Thats some pretty good whoo hoots there Miss Julie. I so want to see photos of the big reveal.
    whoo hoot at that decluttering.

  3. can’t wait to see the new you!

  4. Wow, only 4 days to go!! This is so exciting … I hope you’ll post HEAPS of pics!

  5. Ooh 4 more days – so exciting!!
    lol at peeing in the bed – oops

  6. Only 4 days!!! WOWOWOW!

    Yes – pee does take the shine off the nice nap time. heh heh.


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