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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Thank you

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thank you, thank you for all of the amazing comments that you have left me. You have truly made me feel even more beautiful.

Kelly from Beauty and Beyond rung me yesterday to ask me to write a bit of info about the whole experience that they can use in their newsletter and I think she said for the paper too. So I just sent her off this (thought I would share it here too).

“I could do with a hair cut”. Those were the exact thoughts that ran through my mind when I heard the ad on MoreFM for the 2008 Extreme Makeover. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would win a place in the finals or have the experience of a life time.

I had no idea that the competition was such a huge deal until I was interviewed by Nicole and Kelly – a new hairdo, maybe a new outfit and a touch of makeup that would of made my day. But in fact what was about to happen to me was something bigger and better than that.

I was ecstatic to find out I had won a place in the final four – nothing like an interview on the radio to bring out the nerves. Almost straight away I was thrust into the excitement that was the competition.  The next eight weeks were a mixture of consultations, treatments, interviews, photographs, workouts, healthy eating and shopping trips. I truly felt as though I was being worked on from the inside out. After putting myself near the bottom of the pile for so long, I was shown how to feel like a woman again!

Everything that I received from this experience – from the tips on how to eat healthy to the amazing Gly-C treatments that I received on my skin – I am truly thankful for and will continue to use from this day forward. In fact as soon as my facial treatments were over I brought a kit of the products that were used – why would I go back to using products that were drying my skin when I knew that I could have a healthy glow. In fact I even went out and brought myself some makeup – something that hasn’t been seen on my skin for a number of years. It is amazing how even a touch of lip gloss make you feel just that little bit better.

The day of the big reveal is something that I can honestly say will stay with me forever. I had no idea that I could look and feel so amazing. But I can!

Not only was I lucky to receive an amazing new hair cut from the makeover but I also received a new outlook on life!


The new me!!

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So the big reveal happened this past Sunday and what a fabulous day it was!!!

The day started at 11am with gettin my hair and make-up done. Then it was onto the venue where we did a lot of waiting around. A heck of a lot of waiting around – while they announced the celebrity guest, had a fashion show and some auctions. Finally it was our turn to go out. I was second out after Jenny, the other lady in my team – who ended up winning!!! I was escorted out by a lovely young gentleman onto the stage and through some of the crowd. I was then asked some questions and the ‘team’ that worked on me told the audience what ‘work’ they did on me. Meanwhile all these photos of me that had been taken throughout the 8 weeks were shown on a HUGE screen. lol

All in all it was a fantastic day, a wonderful experience and I would do it all again in a heart beat.

So photos – I forgot to get someone to take some of me duh but thanks to MoreFM I have just ‘borrowed’ these from their website.

Before – this is the photo I sent in that got me into the comp.

And this is me now!!! Check out that bit of cleavage!!!!!!!! ROFL!!! (I am VERY small busted and wahooo to having some cleavage!!). Yeah for James who took this photo. I can’t wait to get my hands on copies of them. If you are in the SOuthland area I can highly recommend him as a photographer.

If you would like to check out the other contestants have a look at the MoreFM website. Don’t they just all look amazing!!

Back to reality for me now. But I will be keeping up with the new look for sure.

Sneaky peeks……..

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Yahhhoooooooo I got my hair cut today & picked up my new glasses.

Sooo, I thought that I would share some peaks of the old me & the new me.


For those that have never met me – this is me. Hi!!!! Those on my face are my old glasses.

This is a very small sneaky peak of my new hair – heee you can’t see much but can you see a wee bit of colour in there?!?!?

These, my friends, are my new glasses. Hard to really see them I know. But I LOVE them!!!

Righty, I better go & organise food for my children. Tonight I will be chilling out in preparation of my full on day of pampering tomorrow!!!!

It’s Wednesday!!

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That means we are Whoo Hooting!! (Don’tcha love the wee owl!!)

* I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow – now that is a big Whooooo.

* My glasses are ready to be picked up – will do this after said haircut.

* I have spring cleaned two rooms – many more to come.

* Tiana had a nap today – the peace & quiet was bliss – finding she had pee’ed in my bed was not ROFL!

* Only four more days till the big reveal – very exciting & a wee bit nerve wracking too!!

So what do you have to Whoo Hoot about today???

Sad News

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I received an email from my very good friend Joanne yesterday telling me that her sister -in-law was tragically killed in a car accident on Tuesday night. I have since seen it on the news that the police are now treating it as a homocide investigation. As they believe the man that caused the accident was trying to kill himself. I just can’t believe that someone would be in such a state of mind that they think they should do this!?!?!

My thoughts, prayers and love goes out to her husband Darren and all of the extended family. I really hope that justuce is served!!!