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Whoo Hoot!!!!

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Yep it’s Wednesday and time to share some Whoo Hoot’s (a-la-Janine).

Today I spent three hours shopping for my makeover outfit!! It was HEAPS of fun.  I have ended up with a very cool outfit, some shoes with heels – yes people I will be in a pair of heels. Just that alone is worth coming to see me I tell you!!! Some very cool jewlery and some new underwear. Next on the agenda is the glasses – hoepfully we will get these sorted next week.

Another Whoo Hoot is I finished an assignment today. Just one more to tackle and an exam to study for then the semester is all over!!

Right I am exhausted after all that retail therapy. I’m off to watch LOST then hit my bed.


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  1. It’s all very exciting, can’t wait till the big reveal!!!

  2. So very exciting!!!!!

  3. What fun you are having with all this. Sure is a busy time for you and having to do assignments as well!

  4. damn I wanted to see your clothes lol, and heels wow!! sounded like a lot of fun…..

  5. Julie in heels – yep that could be worth a trip to the South lol
    How exciting – all coming together now.

  6. oooo new clothes!


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