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What is happening to the world??

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Is it just me or does the world just seem to be falling apart in front of my very eyes??

The earthquake in China – over 3 MILLION people homeless! That is like saying 90% of all the people in New Zealand are homeless – heck that is a lot of people. That also show you just how many people must be living in China.

Myanmar – Well there are some seriously (excuse my language) screwed up people in that country. What is going on there makes me sick to my stomach. There is no reason for those people to be suffering the way that they are.

As for the shortage of rice…. the cost of petrol and food…

As I was thinking about this I thought back to about eleven years ago. I was having dinner with a friend before I embarked on my O.E. He asked me what it was I wanted to do with my life. I said “Help people”. When he dug a little deeper I found myself telling him that I wanted to be an aid-worker – working for the red cross or something similar. Do it he told me. Go ahead and do it. Thinking back on it, it is a regret I have. I really should of just gone and done it. When ever I see such terror happening in the world I feel as though I should be there helping, doing something – but here I am sitting in front of my TV thinking what if…..

Anyway, sorry about that somber post – just something I had to get out.

A funny for today – “What did you do at kindy today Tiana”. “I did running races. Then I got all puffed up so I had to go intside for a drink!”. Bless her!

The makeover is going well. Had a couple of gym seessions – one with TV cameras! Ohh yeah that was fun. NOT!! Nothing like a camera in your face when you are all sweaty. Hard to believe that it will all be over in just over three weeks!!

On that note, I’m going to go and put my feet up. I am full of cold and have to be at school all day tomorrow.


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  1. I hear ya, I was thinking the same thing when I watched the news. Three weeks and counting. Gosh can;t wait to see your new look.


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