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I can’t think of a better title. But I suppose it is Friday after all!!

Well what a week! I missed Whoo Hoot Wednesday and all day yesterday I was writing a post in my head to be called Tired Thursday. But because I was just that ‘tired’ it never got written.

Yesterday was full on with going to the gym first thing. Yesterdays class was a “body pump” class. Here’s a wee blurb for you – A rapid fat-burning class that uses barbells to give you the fastest way to tone and condition muscles! It was actually a REALLY good class. I can feel it in every single muscle today though!! Then I went onto Beauty and Beyond where I had my second TV interview with Cue TV. Then an enzyme treatment on my face – cue tv filemd that too! ROFL!! I also had a consult with the hairdresser about what we should do with my hair. No firm plans yet. So if you have any ideas please share.

Tomorrow all four of us ladies have a personal training session at the gym. Again CUE tve will be there filming. Better remember to wear my best gym gear for that one! lol Ohhh & I had an interview on More FM this morning too.

Slowly I am gathering women to come to the “Big Reveal” – 15th June @ 2pm @ The Ascot Hotel in Invers $35 a ticket – (Thats my sutle plug there!!!). Ive got quite a few ladies from Playcentre who are really keen to come which is just awesome. Need to find as many votes as I can!! Kim, if you are reading I have your tickets!

Only four more weeks of uni to go!! Yippeee – Three science lessons, five maths lessons, three assignments and an exam left. Not that I am counting or anything 🙂


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  1. Wow, it all sounds so very very exciting! Just like that TV show Extreme Makeover! Not sure the gym workouts can be called “exciting” but at least you are enjoying them and they will obviously be doing a lot of good.

    Only 4 more weeks … that is not long at all!

  2. wow it sounds like you have been having some fun, I am amazed you can fit it all in with your study as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ooh it’s all so exciting. I wish I could come to the reveal – it would be so cool. Oh well will have to settle for photos at the end of it all. Go you on the gym work outs.

  4. all sounds exciting!! Not sure on the filming when your having a treatment bizzo though lol. Your not counting ha?? To be honest I can’t think past the next few days. Must admit I will be looking forward to the break though.

  5. Lol Julie at you counting down! Spoken like a true teacher. I would love to come to the big reveal

  6. Julie, it sounds great for you. Awesome part of your life to scrap in your BOM. Does sound very exhausting though. Cheers Paula

  7. all sounds fun, would love to see a photo of you.

  8. Yeah, it sounds like so much fun!

    It is neat that you are writing it up on your blog because it will be like a journal for you that you can go back and read and remember the fun times in years to come.

    Yeah me too – can’t wait to see the photos. 🙂

  9. Oh how exciting – Im hoping to make it – fingers crossed!


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