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That’s how cold it was here at 9am – yes am – this morning!!! Shit it is cold. It is so beautiful down here but the cold, the cold!!! lol At least the sun came out later in the day though.

Nothing much else to report really. I have another gym session and beauty session on Thursday. They are going to take a look at the ‘mop’ a.k.a my hair and decide what they should do with it.

Kim came over and scrapped Saturday night and we watch the Flight of the Conchords DVD. Man those guys are so bloody funny. I just love them!!! Boom – Boom!! I would show you some layouts but I havn’t got around to taking a photo of them yet!

Alrighty then (said in my best Jim Carey voice) I’ll leave it there for now!


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  1. yep its cold down here – you are getting it colder than us – my toes feel funny though lol!!
    You take care driving on the roads – the black ice over southern winters can be really dodgy – cor and its not even technically winter yet!!!

  2. Keith flew down to Dundein this morning then drove down to Twizel etc…… and yes he said it was freezing cold!

  3. I like boom, lets boom boom to the break of boom. Still makes me laugh.

  4. Okay you can keep that cold down there thank you very much lol
    I was just talking to a friend yesterday about the conchords and she is like what is so funny about them, I don’t get it. I am like are you serious – they are sooooo freakin funny!!

  5. We’ve got the fire on and we don’t even have snow. I know… wimpy aucklanders! LOL!

  6. Crikey that is cold! brrrr!!

  7. Yep, that sure is cold!

    We have fog and 3 degrees here at the moment and it will be midday in 15 minutes. Winter is here!

    Flight of the Conchords are the best aren’t they? It is so awesome to hear how just this last week their album made #3 in the USA record charts and #1 in the download charts. Great to see all their years of hard work finally paying off.

  8. jimmyjackson

    can somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees hehehe
    Jimmy saw them in concert afew years ago, i was pregnant with REally pregnant so couldnt go 😦

  9. Yep my friend, it can get a wee tad cold down here in the deep South … best you dig out your thermals!!!!


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