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Thanks everyone for all your well wishes. I just can’t wait to get started now.

Some people have been asking about where they can find CUE TV. Well, I did a bit of a google search and found out that you can find it on two digital stations. Sky Digital Channel 110 and Freeview Channel 23. If you are in the Southland area you can also pick it up on normal TV.

I have no idea when anything will be broadcasted though. I have my first appointments at Beauty and Beyond on Tuesday. If the CUE TV people are there I will make sure that I ask them what is happening.

I hope everyone is surviving the school holidays OK. The weather here has not been the best so we have been doing lots of inside activities like board games (trouble is the fav at the moment), making cards, going to the library and getting fluffy’s at the cafe. I might take the girls to the movies next week. I’d really like to see “Horton Hears a Who” & I think they would quite like to see it to.

I have an assignment that needs urgent attention so that is on my agenda for today. Along with watching some ‘daaancin’ (So you think you can dance) tonight. Has anyone else been following this?? It’s down to the last four now & I really don’t want to see anyone leave. Nail biting stuff!

Have a great ANZAC day.


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  1. The good thing about you being in this comp is you update ya blog lol. Ugh at that assignment as you can see I am procrastinating. I love that top four but given dance ability I think Jack, Rhys and Kate are all on equal footing. But it is anyones game. I feel like daaaaaaancin. Fi and I are going to celebrate the end of this assignment next Friday with high tea at the centra. Well I spose I should get back tooooo that assignment, you know which one lol.

  2. Your kids should love “Horton Hears a Who”. I took the boys to see it last week and they loved it. There is a clip of it (trailer) on my blog if you want to check it out. Oh, and I enjoyed the movie too. 🙂


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