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I just have to check my diary..

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I’ll be saying a lot of that in the next seven weeks!!

Yesterday was an awesome, tyring, full on day. The day started off at “Body Vibes”, a Les Mills Gym, where Sandra the owner & a contestant from last year, did all our measurements, body fat test, blood pressure etc. We also did a step test to check our heart rate. Man I have a sore calf muscle today! Her husband was there also & he went over the nutrition side of things. This was really interesting. He gave us charts which show for your weight how much calories you should be taking in for healthy weight loss along with food you should be eating/avoiding etc. We basically get free classes for the next eight weeks along with a couple of personal training sessions. I am hoping to maybe shed a couple of kilos and basically get a bit healthier from all of this. I also got to meet the three other lovely ladies who are also in the competition – I can see a few laughs happening with them!!

It was then back home for an hour and a half before turning around & going back to Invercargill (note to self NEVER do that again!) for my appointment at Beauty and Beyond with my ‘team’. Jenny (one of the other ladies) & I have four lovely ladies working with/on us. lol. So far no botox needed for me. Phew! Though over the next seven weeks I have sixteen treatments booked in. These are mainly special facial treatments and nail treatments. Also on the Friday before the reveal I have a facial, body wrap, eye lashes/brows tint & shape, body buff, tanning, & french nail appointments. Wahooo! Still to be booked are hair – with discussions of extensions being made!, new glasses, clothes/shoes.

PHEW – makes me tired just thinking about it! And I still need to fit in assignments, school work, family….

So if you need me in the next seven weeks I might just have to check my diary to see if I can fit you in! ROFL

Ohhhh I nearly forgot – I had my first interview on camera!! Keep an eye out for me on ‘Cue TV’.


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  1. OMG it sounds very full on, we won’t recognise you at the end of all this!

  2. whooo hooo this sounds fab. Yipe at no botox, I would be worried if you did. Hey you will somehow have to show us the link to cue tv, would love to see your interview. man I am so enviuos all this pampering and it doesn’t cost a cent so gotta love that.

  3. Wow, this sounds amazing!! Where do I find Cue TV? Is it a local station? Never heard of it. Would love to see the interview though and of course I hope you will take “progress” photos and show us photos at the end.

  4. Awesome Julie sounds like you are going to have a blast!

  5. awesome! Can we see any still photos? I don’t have a TV 🙂

  6. Wow, it all sounds so exciting and so full on! Yay you!

    I’m guess you get some new clothes thrown in also?

    Hey, what is “Cue TV”? Is that something we would be able to get in the Waikato, or is is soley a Southland thing?

  7. Oh how cool!!! I hope you are taking photos! I ant believe you went back to Gore and came back to Invers – insane woman!!! :O)

  8. Wow, so much happening, so exciting. Sooooo cool. Enjoy the ride!

  9. Woo hoo – go YOU!!!! I so cannot believe that you went back to Gore in between appointments … you’re mad – quite simple really!!!!

    You enjoy the experience … how cool is that … best you keep your diary handy!!!


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