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It’s Friday!!

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YEAH! I am so pleased that it is the last day of the term. We are a all worn out and can do without the morning, mdday rush & afternoon rush for a couple of weeks. We don’t have any plans except for a night away this weekend. I, of course, have plenty of assignments to keep me busy though.

The rain has hit Gore over night. It is cold, wet & miserable for the last day of school & playcentre. Lets hope it doesn’t hang around all holidays.

They announced the last lucky lady for the “Extreme Makeover” yesterday morning. So now there are four of us all nervously waiting to see what is ahead of us!! Monday is ‘C’-day. Consultation day. lol. I get to meet the ‘team’ that is going to be working on me. Doesn’t that just sound too funny!!! What is happening is the staff at Beauty & Beyond is being split in half into two teams. Each team will be given two ladies to work with & it will be a bit of a competition between the two teams. Can’t wait to get started.

Right, I really must get a move along. Have a wonderful last day of term.


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  1. oh we have sun today, we had what you have yesterday!! oh looking forward to reading about Monday.

  2. Sounds exciting, I hope the sun comes out soon!

  3. How exciting for you!! Cold isnt it down this way lol – sunny in Invers today tho!

  4. Yes, looking forward to hearing how “C Day” was today. 🙂


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