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Whoo Hoot Wednesday

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Following in the steps of Janine it is Whoo Hoot Wednesday!!!

Things to Whoo Hoot about today.

Only 5 1/2 weeks of the semester to go!!!!! Yipeee! Can you tell that I am just a wee bit excited about this!!?!? It has been a tough semester. Still plenty to do in the next 5 1/2 weeks but I’m in count down mode! lol

So that means only 6 1/2 weeks till the “Big Reveal!!”. Talking about that yesterday I had my first treatments. An enzyme treatment on my face. Not the most relaxing treatment as it stings a little. But it is already looking pretty good. Five more of those to go! I also had a nail treatment to ‘encourage my nails to grow!’. But before all of that I went to the gym and did a ‘rpm’ class. Heck! Now that is one heck of a sweat producing hard out work out. If you have never heard of a ‘rpm’ class before here is what the wee blurb says about it. Take the ultimate ride! RPM incorporates cycling, choreography and motivational coaching techniques to give you a completely safe, arerobic, adrenaline ride. I call it the ‘ohh my gosh I can’t breathe, my legs are going to fall off, I think I am going to have a heart attack ride’. I’m going back for another class on Saturday! ROFL!!

Also on the subject of the makeover. Somehow I got my wires crossed (I’m good at that!). The big reveal is not at dinner but rather at a drink wine & eat nibbles, watch a high end fashion show, get free goodies, be in the chance to win spot prizes afternoon of fun. So if you are in Southland come along. It is on Sunday 15th June at 2pm. Let me know if you want any more details. You have to buy tickets before hand as there are limited tickets.

Right enough about that. A big shout out to my friend Jo if she is reading!! Jo & I go waaaay back and I got an email from her in the weekend after ages.

I took the girls to get hair cuts this arvo. Jamie had hers cut by a lovely girl who is in training. Fabulous, fabulous girl. Great with the kids. Tiana on the other hand got hers cut by a *insert rude word* lady. Not great with the kids. I was busy catching up on the goss in the mags while they were getting their hair cuts and I looked up & Tianas hair was all but gone. OK well not really but it is pretty short compared to what it was. At first I was just a wee bit shocked but the more I look at it the more I like it. Will take some photos later to share.

Anyway, I was in the middle of cleaning my house before I got distracted. I better get back to it. Have a good rest of the day!!



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pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing, pro·cras·ti·nates
v.  intr.  To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

v.  tr.  To postpone or delay needlessly.

OMG I never knew that studing would turn me into such a procrastinater!!! I can turn a washing pile into something of absolute joy and make washing dishes seem like the best thing since slice bread.

Who knew that a 1200 word essay could cause me so much grief!?!?!

Ohhh & Janine if you are reading this – you too are procrastinating!! lol. Love ya babe. Nearly there!



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Thanks everyone for all your well wishes. I just can’t wait to get started now.

Some people have been asking about where they can find CUE TV. Well, I did a bit of a google search and found out that you can find it on two digital stations. Sky Digital Channel 110 and Freeview Channel 23. If you are in the Southland area you can also pick it up on normal TV.

I have no idea when anything will be broadcasted though. I have my first appointments at Beauty and Beyond on Tuesday. If the CUE TV people are there I will make sure that I ask them what is happening.

I hope everyone is surviving the school holidays OK. The weather here has not been the best so we have been doing lots of inside activities like board games (trouble is the fav at the moment), making cards, going to the library and getting fluffy’s at the cafe. I might take the girls to the movies next week. I’d really like to see “Horton Hears a Who” & I think they would quite like to see it to.

I have an assignment that needs urgent attention so that is on my agenda for today. Along with watching some ‘daaancin’ (So you think you can dance) tonight. Has anyone else been following this?? It’s down to the last four now & I really don’t want to see anyone leave. Nail biting stuff!

Have a great ANZAC day.

I just have to check my diary..

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I’ll be saying a lot of that in the next seven weeks!!

Yesterday was an awesome, tyring, full on day. The day started off at “Body Vibes”, a Les Mills Gym, where Sandra the owner & a contestant from last year, did all our measurements, body fat test, blood pressure etc. We also did a step test to check our heart rate. Man I have a sore calf muscle today! Her husband was there also & he went over the nutrition side of things. This was really interesting. He gave us charts which show for your weight how much calories you should be taking in for healthy weight loss along with food you should be eating/avoiding etc. We basically get free classes for the next eight weeks along with a couple of personal training sessions. I am hoping to maybe shed a couple of kilos and basically get a bit healthier from all of this. I also got to meet the three other lovely ladies who are also in the competition – I can see a few laughs happening with them!!

It was then back home for an hour and a half before turning around & going back to Invercargill (note to self NEVER do that again!) for my appointment at Beauty and Beyond with my ‘team’. Jenny (one of the other ladies) & I have four lovely ladies working with/on us. lol. So far no botox needed for me. Phew! Though over the next seven weeks I have sixteen treatments booked in. These are mainly special facial treatments and nail treatments. Also on the Friday before the reveal I have a facial, body wrap, eye lashes/brows tint & shape, body buff, tanning, & french nail appointments. Wahooo! Still to be booked are hair – with discussions of extensions being made!, new glasses, clothes/shoes.

PHEW – makes me tired just thinking about it! And I still need to fit in assignments, school work, family….

So if you need me in the next seven weeks I might just have to check my diary to see if I can fit you in! ROFL

Ohhhh I nearly forgot – I had my first interview on camera!! Keep an eye out for me on ‘Cue TV’.

It’s Friday!!

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YEAH! I am so pleased that it is the last day of the term. We are a all worn out and can do without the morning, mdday rush & afternoon rush for a couple of weeks. We don’t have any plans except for a night away this weekend. I, of course, have plenty of assignments to keep me busy though.

The rain has hit Gore over night. It is cold, wet & miserable for the last day of school & playcentre. Lets hope it doesn’t hang around all holidays.

They announced the last lucky lady for the “Extreme Makeover” yesterday morning. So now there are four of us all nervously waiting to see what is ahead of us!! Monday is ‘C’-day. Consultation day. lol. I get to meet the ‘team’ that is going to be working on me. Doesn’t that just sound too funny!!! What is happening is the staff at Beauty & Beyond is being split in half into two teams. Each team will be given two ladies to work with & it will be a bit of a competition between the two teams. Can’t wait to get started.

Right, I really must get a move along. Have a wonderful last day of term.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much to everyone who has left comments from my last post. I really appreciate it! 🙂

I plan on using my blog like a diary to record everything that is happening in regards to the “Extreme Makeover”. I just love saying that lol! So you’ll get to hear all the goss here.

Thanks again & I’ll keep you posted.

Somebody pinch me

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’cause I must be dreaming!!!

A while ago I heard on the radio (Sthland More FM) an ad for a comp. Win a makeover. Heck that sounds fab I thought – I could so do with a haircut. So I emailed my details incl a pic & kinda forgot all about it.
Fast foward to friday arvo. I got a phone call saying its such & such from Beauty & Beyond. (All I could think of was heck I soo need a hiarcut & people have tracked me down to tell me so! ) You have been chosen for the final eight of the makeover comp, come in tomorrow for an interview.
So I go in for an interview, kids in tow as Andre was working. Here I find out this ‘little makeover’ is actually something really huge – followed around by TV cameras, 6 weeks of being made to look beautiful, new glasses, gym work, followed by a Gala charity dinner Big Reveal – huge!!!
So to get to the point – I won!! Gosh damn it I WON! More FM rang me up interviewed me on the radio this morning to tell me I am one of the final four. ARGHHH!!! Thank goodness no one could see me I was shaking like some kind of druggie! Andre is super excited for me – though he keeps asking if I am going to get new boobs! ROFL!!!

I am stoked that the charity is for the “Look Good, Feel Good” foundation. I have had so many people in my life at the moment diganosed with cancer it will be so good to try and give something back to a wonderful cause.

I am so excitied, very nervous & kinda freaked out. I am so truley freaked out. I have struggled since my girls were born with the way I feel about myself. I don’t like the way I look. In fact I battle with myself often on a daily basis. People tell me I am beautiful I hear them but I don’t believe them. My husband tells me it all the time but I don’t even believe him. I truely hope that this experience is something that has been sent to me to help me get over this struggle. To make peace with myself and to find myself beautiful once again.