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The great recipe hunt!!

I’m on the hunt for recipes!! Especially kids lunch box ideas/recipes, vegetarian recipes, dinner recipes and lunch recipes.

I’m not really huge fan of cooking at the moment. Really can’t be bothered ’cause we seem to be eating the same old stuff all the time. School/playcentre is back & it’s just the same old marmite sandwiches & I hate to say it ‘store brought junk’.

So inspire me – make me happy to be in the kitchen again. You may just even receive a RAK from me.


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  1. I just posted a recipe on my blog (last week) for Morrocan Chicken, which is fantastic served with couscous. Check it out!

  2. Here you go Julie, these are great in the lunchbox or after school

    Cranberry bars

    125gms butter
    1 c white sugar
    2 Tbsp golden syrup
    1 c flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 c coconut
    1 egg
    1 cup dried fruit, eg raisins, apricots etc
    Half a cup of craisins
    4 weetbix
    half a cup of chocolate melts

    1. Preheat ovent to 180 C
    2. Spray a slice tin with non stick baking spray
    3. In a saucepan, melt butter, sugar and golden syrup over a medium heat.
    4. Remove from heat add remaining ingredients and mix thouroughly.
    5. Press into prepared tin. Bake for 20 -25 mins until golden brown.
    6. Cut into bars while still warm but leave in tin until cold before removing.
    7. Place melts in a small bowl. Microwave on medium power remove an stir until all melted. Drizzle over the top of the slice.

    It really is yummo!

  3. here’s my tip, treat yourself to a new apron, put on a fab dress and heels and a bit of lippy and you will feel stunning in the kitchen and will want to cook cook. Lol okay so this is where you insert the “yeah right” comment. lol.
    Some lunch ideas:
    Pita bread Pizza and get the girls to help you add toppings.
    Wraps quick and easy fillings
    self crusting corn quiche

    Dinner ideas:
    chicken satay salad
    Vege Fritters
    Home made fried rice
    Tacos (again girls can make thier own)
    kebabs, again the girls can help you with this one, serve them on a pile of coucous
    chicken and corn and celery pie
    corn and capsicum pasta salad
    beef and pasta bake
    Thai style chicken patties

    If any of the above interest you let me know.

  4. I’m a bit like you and I went through a period of hating the kitchen – so a friend suggested I subscribe to some newsletters from websites devoted to cooking and now I get a few newsletters every week and the inspiration rocks!!
    here are my favourites
    and as I’m a huge huge Gordon Ramsey fan

  5. For lunch boxes my kids are fans of bagels, scones, pita pocket, pikelets and muffins, fruit with jelly (either homemade or shop), rice cakes (I think they are disgusting but the kids like them) and popcorn.

    It was always the bready type item that I needed variation on as the kids wouldn’t eat sandwiches.

    Easy Quiche
    A family favourite
    3 eggs, 1C grated cheese, 1&half cup milk, half cup self raising flour.

    Beat eggs and milk. Add cheese, flour, salt & pepper and any options such as bacon/ham, onion, parsley etc. (Can add anything into it really) Put in greased dish 200C 40mins.

  6. One I find the kids enjoy is 1/2 a cooked sausage and wrap it in scone dough with a smear of tomato sauce and cook as per scone instructions yummo and something different in the old lunch box

  7. Lunch boxes … well I know the feeling when it comes to them.

    If the girls eat chicken and lettuce … you can’t go wrong with a a chicken roll wrapped up in their lunch box – looks special for them. Or egg, lettuce and cold meat – club sandwiches cut into triangles … a pain to fit in the lunch boxes tho, cos I used to have them wrapped separately in the triangles and have them standing up … looked good.

    A wee container of fruit salad as a treat – don’t forget the spoon and/or jelly.

    And you can’t go wrong with carrot sticks in one of those wee Glad snack bags.

    Or along with the Marmite [we have Vegemite in our house] … throw in a slice of two of cheese and then a wee packet of chippies. I still love cheese, chips and vegemite sammies. Yummy!

  8. Our five year old started school at the beginning of this year and the menu Mrs Frizz suggests above is the kind of stuff he goes for. I would also add raw nuts to the list (a wee Glad snack bag as Gladwrap is a bit difficult for wee fingers). He especially loves wraps. I cut them in small sizers and depending how full they are will put a toothpick in to keep them together.


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