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So it’s about time for a catch up!!

Can you believe it, we have been in Gore for 4 weeks on Friday. That sure has gone by fast. We are still finding our feet – esp. Andre & I. We still are feeling pretty unsettled but we will get there. We had a great journey down. Seeing lots of wonderful places and scenery along the way. The girls (& the dog) were really great with the travelling. We did plenty of stopping along the way which helped.

 Jamie is now a big school girl!! Week three at school and things are just going really well. She is full of chatter and information to share when she gets home which is just awesome. Lets hope that it continues.

Tiana & I are finding playgroups, music groups etc to keep us entertained. Great way to meet some mums for me to talk too also!

 What else??? Oh yes – a big shout out to Miss Janine who is on a four week practicum. I hope it all goes well for you (which of course it will!!) I have deferred my practicum until next year because of moving. So it is going to be one heck of a crazy year for me next year. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

So what is up with this crazy weather???? If any one has the sun, please send it down here! I won’t keep it for too long I promise!!! 🙂

Well I think I have rambled for long enough now……


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  1. awww thanks for the shout out Miss Julie. I am working with some new entrants and we had a new boy start yesterday and had two final visits from other children and they both start next week. Wow four weeks has gone fast!!! Sounds like you and Tiana are being social butterflies.

  2. It’s great to hear an update! Wow, 4 weeks already! Seems like only last week you were talking about moving. I’m sure you’ll start to feel more “at home” soon but awesome to hear that Jamie is loving school and making friends. A good way for you to meet adults too (parents of her school buddies).

  3. good to hear eveything is going well. As for the sun, mmmmm I don’t think anyone has it!

  4. Wow, that has gone really fast Julie. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to get to meet people. I remember the first 6weeks being the worst whenever we have shifted to a new area.

  5. good news is this weather doesnt last – bad news is it usually gets worse before it gets better – sorry ;o)
    I’m glad to hear you are settling well into Gore – big change but its a nice place so all the best.
    BTW – love your layouts for the Jack and Music challenges!! I haven’t done the Music one yet and I loved the song, I have it on my 80s playlist on my laptop – lol
    And thank you so much for the birthday RAK – it was a real treat to get it in the mail.
    Cant wait to meet you tomorrow!

  6. Well we are SO NOT going to talk about the weather my friend … it sucks … end of discussion.

    It was great meeting you and the girls today, thank you for making the trip even further south to meet up with us.

    We will do it again … and again!!!!

  7. Hi Julie and welcome to the deep south!! Have just come across your blog and felt I needed to apologise for the weather here! Yes, I live in Gore too. Hope you are all settling in well and making lots of friends.

  8. Do ya think it’s time for another catch up, wink wink, nudge, nudge!!!!


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