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Monthly Archives: October 2007

So it’s about time for a catch up!!

Can you believe it, we have been in Gore for 4 weeks on Friday. That sure has gone by fast. We are still finding our feet – esp. Andre & I. We still are feeling pretty unsettled but we will get there. We had a great journey down. Seeing lots of wonderful places and scenery along the way. The girls (& the dog) were really great with the travelling. We did plenty of stopping along the way which helped.

 Jamie is now a big school girl!! Week three at school and things are just going really well. She is full of chatter and information to share when she gets home which is just awesome. Lets hope that it continues.

Tiana & I are finding playgroups, music groups etc to keep us entertained. Great way to meet some mums for me to talk too also!

 What else??? Oh yes – a big shout out to Miss Janine who is on a four week practicum. I hope it all goes well for you (which of course it will!!) I have deferred my practicum until next year because of moving. So it is going to be one heck of a crazy year for me next year. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

So what is up with this crazy weather???? If any one has the sun, please send it down here! I won’t keep it for too long I promise!!! 🙂

Well I think I have rambled for long enough now……


Kiwi Jack Me Up

Yes another layout from me! I promise I will do a ‘proper’ blog post real soon. But I am having so much fun scrapping at the moment….. no time for blogging! 🙂

 So here is my layout for the “Delys” Jack over at Jack Me Up. Such a great layout to Jack. Thanks for the inspiration Delys.

Playing Around

The music in me

Finally I have got around to doing one of Neens’ Music in Me challenges.

This one was all about the song “Time after time” by Cindi Lauper. My layout is all about how much I love my family and how lucky I am to have them. Thanks for the challenge Neen.

 Time after time

It’s time for some NZDare layouts

Yes I am still around. Will update soon with all my news but in the mean time here are some layouts for the NZDares challenge at the moment – scrap a mood.  Loving doing different sizes at the moment. Especially 6×12 & 12×6. No laughing at my big belly now!!