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Yes I’m still here!

Things have been crazy the last few weeks. First it was loads of assignments & studying to do then last week I was up on campus for four days of lectures etc. Fun! (NOT!!)

Not to mention all the things going on with the family. Andre has applied for a new job in wait for it – GORE!! We are just waiting for the final tick in the box so we can start planning for the big move south. So if you are anywhere near there put your hand up so know that there are others down that way & so I can pick your brain. We are looking foward to a new challenge. Though Jamie is not too sure yet.

Talking of Jamie, she has been going for school visits each Friday morning. Last week as soon as we got to the classroom she just freaked so I took her to kindy instead. This week so started to panic before we got out of the car. I asked her why she was so upset & I figured out that it was because they go straight into assembly & the crowd of people & the noise just really freaks her out (just like her dad!) So we went to the classroom but skipped the assembly. As we were waiting she said – Mum, school is really different from kindy. Why is it different I asked? Because I don’t know all the words to the songs! Ahh bless her!

Don’t think there is too much else to share. I have been doing the “Ulitmate Challenge” on the Scrapbook Essentials site. Here are my layouts so far.

 Sweet little angel

Week one – Hand made embellishments

Computer and a Cuppa

Week Two – Everyday


Week Three – No photos

 Week Four is all finished but you will have to wait until Wednesday for that one!

Thats about all form me. Supposed to be tidying my desk but ya know!


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  1. Wow, Gore! My Grandma grew up down there, and we visited Gore on our recent holiday. It seems like a cute little town! I’m sure you’ll adjust quickly enough down there.

    Great layouts, too! I love the ones you’ve done for the SE comp, and the NZ Dares layout is so cute! 🙂

  2. oh thats no good about Jamie freakin out – good idea to miss the assembly.

    GORE!! thats miles away! LOL

  3. oh well at least you know why she was freaking out and lets face it from a four year old perspective that would be freaky……lover her take on how it is different though.

  4. I am loving all your competition entries Julie!! Keep it up!!


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