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Wahoo – I scrapped last night. I did this layout for Vicky’s challenge on SBO. The challenge was to scrap some blury photos and these photos of Jamie on the swing at the park were just perfect.

Spin me faster!

Think I’ll have to do some more scrapping tonight! Study? What study? I have lots to do but hey it will still be there in the morning lol.

Can you believe it the kids are still sick. Lots of high temperatures, sleeping and generally not well. I took them both back to the doctors yesterday but he couldn’t find anything wrong with them. He said what ever they had has just knocked them for six and they need plenty of rest.  If they havn’t started to improve by Monday I will be taking them back. It just doesn’t seem right they have been sick for so long – it has been three weeks for Tiana now. I also get a bit worried about Jame with her heart condition too – don’t want the bugs to put any stress on it.

Righty ho, I’m off to sort out some RAK’s for some people!!


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  1. That’s a great page!!!

  2. So cute! I love it 🙂

  3. That’s a great layout Julie. here’s hoping the girls get better really quickly.

  4. Oh Oh Oh this has inspired me to look for some similar photos I have. The blurriness (sp) is perfect for these action shots Julie! Great layout.

  5. Fantastic Julie! I love the mixed font title, the scalloped edge and the large arrow. I hope that the girls are both well again soon


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