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Enough is enough!!

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Did you ever have  one of those days when you thought – I’ve had enough! I don’t want to be someones wife, someones mum, someones chief cook & bottle washer. When you are sick of picking up toys, sick of washing the floor because someone spilt their milk again, sick of having interupted sleep, sick of hearing I’m hungry, pick me up, I need you…..

 Well thats how I feel today. I’ve had enough! I’ve been awake pretty much since 3:30am with Jamie who is unwell again. I’ve given all the cuddles that I could possibly give, it took me all day to write a lesson plan that should of been done in about an hour, I finished the ironing at 8pm after DH ironed three work shirts at 11am & left the rest (then came in when I was doing it & said I was gonna do that!?!??!?). Enough I say, enough!!!! Right about now I could go back to being twenty one, single & enjoying myself far too much!

 But I’ll wake up in the morning & keep on keeping on!

{OK, just had to get that off my chest – we will now return to normal viewing :-)}


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  1. You’re not alone Julie I often have days like that, in fact I told my family the other day that I fact like walking out and not coming home!

  2. Oh yeah that sounds wonderful! Seriously, hope you got some sleep and have a much better day today.

  3. ((HUGS)) Julie, I think we’ve all been there and know how it feels to just want to get away from it all!! Sometimes I just yearn to be ME, FREE and with nothing to worry about and nobody to look after!! I hope you have a better day today – and some sleep wouldn’t go astray either!! Things are so much easier to cope with when you’ve had a decent sleep. Hang in there, hon!

  4. I so hear ya girlfriend!

  5. I was just about to say – you are so not alone … someone beat me to it … I think that we can all honestly say that at one time or another, yep … been there, done that.

    I hope the last few days have been better days for you. Chin up and smile!!!!

  6. Julie – sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I remember once bursting into tears as I was sick of being a good wife, a good mother and a good daughter and I just wanted to be ME! So hang in there, girl, it WILL get better


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