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School visits & new supermarket.

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My big girl is going to start school visits next Friday! She will go in from 8:45-morning tea time. I havn’t told her yet but I am sure that she is going to be excited about it. Ohh she is growing up!

Our new supermarket finally opened today. Real flash! Don’t know if anyone has ever been into Turangi’s New World but it was real small & was lacking in variety. We get alot of tourists/visitors to the area and various times of the year it was better to just stay away because of the really long lines. Now we have a brand spanking new one that is three times the size of the old one with a bakery (that is going to be my down fall for a while :-)), deli and all the trimmings.

 I went and signed up at the gym today. Very excited about this. I used to be a real gym bunny back before getting married and having kids. It will be a great stress relief and will get me back into shape.

 I will leave you with this funny comment from my husband.

Me – I brought some cake from the new supermarket if you want to come home and have some.

DH – No thanks, my body is a temple not a warehouse!! ROFL!!!!


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  1. Oh, they do grow up so fast! I’m sure she’ll enjoy the school visits, and it helps to get them used to the place before they start.

    LOL at your hubby’s comment … I’ll have to remember that one I think!! 😉

  2. lol Andre’s comment was funny. Love it. Whoooo hoo go Turangi and the new Supermarket. Wow school visits how exciting.

  3. Love Dh’s comment 🙂 Wow school visits, how exciting for her. Will she be going to the same school you will be at?

  4. Gosh they grow up so very fast. I bet Jamie is so ready for school though.
    Yay a ‘real’ supermarket.
    Too funny Andre

  5. They do grow up very quickly. We saw the new supermarket when we drove through last week – great to have a new one as the old one really was OLD! The NW in Tauranga is also very nice and new

  6. hey Julie, thanks so much for being our Jack Me Up Guest Designer, i love your layout, such a cool photo of you and your dad! Makes me want to go home and take one of me and my parents too…(just a tad homesick lol!).

    Jaime is going to love school visits, Patrick had his first morning visit today…and had a great time!

    Yay for new supermarkets…the new Countdown in Huntly opened just as we left darn it lol! Although maybe it was a good thing as there was tooo much choice!!

    Fabulous comment by Adrian by the way…maybe that should be your new mantra before going to the Gym hee hee!!

    Keep up the blogging, you blitzed those exams girl!

  7. Just about a big school girl – they sure don’t take long to grow up – they almost grow up when you aren’t looking … loved DH’s comment.


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