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by the lovely Ruth.

My roommate and I once:  ate a lot of curries & drunk a lot hooch!

Never in my life have I: done drugs

High school was : a pain in the backside!!

When I’m nervous : I talk even more than I do normally.

My hair : the longest it has been in a VERY long time.

When I was 5 : I loved going to school

When I turn my head left : I see the hallway

I should be : studying!!

By this time next year : who knows where I will be living!!

My favorite aunt is : they are all pretty cool.

I have a hard time understanding :  what the heck my Maori studies lecturer wants me to do for my assignment!

You know I like you if : I share my chocolate with you! lol

My ideal breakfast is : Pancakes

If you visit my home town :  you will have trouble getting anywhere quickly ’cause there is so much traffic!

If you spend the night at my house:   you’ll have to fight Andre for the TV remote

My Favorite blonde is :  hmmm don’t know really

My favorite brunette is : well Andre has brown hair so I will say him.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : an elephant, cause that would be just damn funny!

I shouldn’t have been : woken up by Jamie at 4am!!

Last night I:  watched TV when I shold of been studying

A better name for me would be : you tell me

I’ve been told I look like :  no one has told me I look like anyone

If I could have any car, it would be: brand new, sporty and only fit me!!

 I tag anyone who wants to have a go!


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  1. Great reading your list. Now just what is ‘hooch’? And when we finally meet I will be looking to see if you share your choccie with me lol

  2. lol seriously I laughed when I read about your Maori lecturer cos that is still a mystery to me too. Hmmmmm I am now wondering if you have shared choccie with me. I think you have offered me some lol…


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