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Final Grades

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Well my final grades for Semester A have come through. I got –

A for Environmental Education

A- for Social Studies

A- for Information and communication technology

A- for Physical Education

B+ for Professional Practice

B for English

Over all I am very happy with these marks 🙂

Here is the layout that I did for “Kiwi Jack Me Up”.

Great Dad

Check here for the rest of the wonderful layouts!! Why don’t you give it a try too – it’s heaps of fun.

A big thanks to Ruth and Janine for the lessons on how to do the ‘linky thing!’. Easy once you know how. Thanks ladies.

 Jamie is sick now! Yeah – not. She has the starting of a chest infection and an ear infection. Please do not let me get sick – I do not have time to get sick.


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  1. way to go Julie, congrats on the good grades! Hope Jamie gets better soon

  2. Those are fantasic marks Julie. Eww at jamie, poor things. Not much fun at your house I bet. Loved that Jack layout too that was pretty cool. Nice to see a photo of you and your dad.

  3. Woohoo awesome grades Julie, well done you!! Hope Jamie is feeling better soon and you can get stuck back into the work thing. Love your jack layout.

  4. Fantastic grades there girlfriend. Good on you.
    Hope Jamie comes right soon

  5. What awesome marks, Julie!!!! Way to go!!! You must be thrilled with those excellent grades.

    I loved your “Jack” of Ruth’s layout – very cool!! It was a fun one, wasn’t it?

    Sorry to hear Jamie is sick 😦 I hope you don’t get it. In my house both boys and hubby are sick, and I’m well so far but I hope it stays that way! LOl!

  6. Congrats on those grades!! Well done!
    Dont you just love the idea of ‘jacking’ – stealing an idea – and making it yours. Your ‘jack’ is so cool!

  7. Julie! Well done on those marks, girl!


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