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Motivation, chest infections and Kiwi Jack Me Up!

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Well, I am seriously lacking any motivation to do anything at the moment. Even getting out of bed is one heck of a mission!! Hopefully once the kids are back at kindy and day care next week things will get moving again. There are so many things going on here at the moment that my mind can not concentrate on study but my thoughts are consumed by these other things! Sigh!!

Tiana has a chest infection. The poor little thing was not well at all yesterday so I took her to the doctors. She feel asleep while we were waiting to see the doctor and snored up a storm in the waiting room. Man she is noisy!! lol Here is a photo I took of her & I on Tuesday arvo when she feel asleep on my lap. Such a neat photo.

Tiana & I

 Kiwi Jack Me up (now how do I do the linky thing someone please??) I was lucky enough to be asked to be the guest designer for the next lovely person being jacked! I havn’t done the layout yet – there goes that motivation again. But I will do it!!! Anyway, check out the site on Saturday for all the new person being ‘jacked’!


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  1. JUlie I so hear you on the lack of motivation, mine has gone on holiday. I am thinking that maybe next week when we get back into out routines that mine may show up again. LOvely photo of you and Tiana. If you give me till Friday morning I will emal you instructions for linking(unless someone else is more motivated than me and can do it now for you)

  2. What a cute photo! Sorry to hear Tiana is sick. I have 2 sick boys at the mo, so totally feel your pain! They are coughing all the time!

    Congrats on nabbing the guest “jacker” spot! I’m excited to see the next Jack, I can’t wait actually! I’m loving this whole thing. The fact that it is only KIWI girls makes it soooo awesome and we have some great talent here in this country! Look forward to seeing what you create 🙂

  3. poor little thing, I hope Tiana is feeling better soon.

  4. Poor wee tyke … hope she is feeling better now …

  5. It was so nice to see you today and hopefully Tiana is feeling better. Jaimie told the boys she’s also going to play soccer when she’s bigger! You should be able to find the link thingy (on Blogger it looks like a link of a chain) in the tool bar when you’re writing up a post

  6. I love that pic Julie, sorry that Tiana is not well though. I hear you on the motivation thing, hopefully once the routine starts up again the motivation will follow.

  7. Cool pic but sorry to hear your baby is not well. Hope it passes quickly for you all.


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