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I can’t believe that Jamie only has one more term at kindy, then she will be a big school girl! I decided that she needs some practice with her writing, so she & I altered  an exercise  book for her to practice in. She asked me how to spell Tiana’s name & she wrote it all by herself. She sure is growing up!!!

Jamie’s book Jamie’s writingTiana’s Name

Semester B started yesterday & I have done bugger all. Too busy keeping the kids entertained. Tiana isn’t well either – a nasty cold. In fact she has just climbed on my knee & fallen asleep. Bless her.


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  1. awwww mum thats cute. Pretty good writing there Jamie. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. So cute!! She’s doing great! By the end of Kindy you’ll be amazed at how differently she’ll write her name. At Ethan’s kindy they kept the sign-in pages, one page per month, and then stuck them in his portfolio. It was amazing to see the change over just 13 months!

  3. And of course, once they start school, there is even more improvement … but they don’t seem to keep the pages at school. I must get Ethan to write his name each month and keep the scraps of paper … to scrapbook of course!!

  4. she has very gd handwriting for a 4 and bit year old!

    On one of Amy’s first school visits her teacher to be told me that it would help her maths if she could counts down from 10 – 0 (helps with subtraction) and also to write her name on the computer!


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