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My ‘jack’!

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Jamie - ‘Jack’ of Vicky’s layout

Here is my ‘jack’ of Vicky’s layout! An another layout using up some of the leftover Elsie paper I used on the ‘jack’ layout.

Ohhhh – PS – I ment to add that the very talented Vicky Gibson, whose laout is ‘jacked’ also took the photo of Jamie! 🙂

My Gorgeous Family


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  1. They look great Julie. Welcome to blogland. ONe tip is if you can try and classify your posts, makes it easier to find things again. When I started I didn’t do that only because I wasn’t sure how long I would blog for. I have been doing it a few months now and it makes things a wee bit easier to find.

  2. Woohoo – welcome to blogging or “wording” as you are!!
    The Layouts are so cool – Jack is such a fab site – makes for a fun challenge dont you think?

  3. Those are great layout Julie. You do have a gorgeous family.

  4. Popping in to say Hi & happy birthday for yesterday :o)

  5. Just thought I would say a big welcome to the big world of blogging …

  6. Great layouts Julie & what perfect photos.

  7. LOL It’s not the ‘Julie’ blogging again?? Welcome back.

    great layouts – and omgosh look at your girls, they’re grown so much


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