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Monthly Archives: July 2007

It’s NZdares birthday

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                                                                                                                                                       Have you been & checked out the comp on NZdares? So have ya?? They have got some  great prizes up for graps & a wee survey they would like you to do too. Here is my take on the dare.

 every day sight

I went to the gym today and got my programme. Wahoo!! It feels so good to be getting back into being at the gym. Nothing better than feeling your muscles burning after a good workout!

Right better get back into this study….



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I forgot to add to the last post a huge big thank you to everyone for your comments on my ‘enough is enough’ post.

It is really nice to know you all care & that there are others out there that have bad days too!! Thanks again 🙂

New layout

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Wahoo – I scrapped last night. I did this layout for Vicky’s challenge on SBO. The challenge was to scrap some blury photos and these photos of Jamie on the swing at the park were just perfect.

Spin me faster!

Think I’ll have to do some more scrapping tonight! Study? What study? I have lots to do but hey it will still be there in the morning lol.

Can you believe it the kids are still sick. Lots of high temperatures, sleeping and generally not well. I took them both back to the doctors yesterday but he couldn’t find anything wrong with them. He said what ever they had has just knocked them for six and they need plenty of rest.  If they havn’t started to improve by Monday I will be taking them back. It just doesn’t seem right they have been sick for so long – it has been three weeks for Tiana now. I also get a bit worried about Jame with her heart condition too – don’t want the bugs to put any stress on it.

Righty ho, I’m off to sort out some RAK’s for some people!!

Enough is enough!!

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Did you ever have  one of those days when you thought – I’ve had enough! I don’t want to be someones wife, someones mum, someones chief cook & bottle washer. When you are sick of picking up toys, sick of washing the floor because someone spilt their milk again, sick of having interupted sleep, sick of hearing I’m hungry, pick me up, I need you…..

 Well thats how I feel today. I’ve had enough! I’ve been awake pretty much since 3:30am with Jamie who is unwell again. I’ve given all the cuddles that I could possibly give, it took me all day to write a lesson plan that should of been done in about an hour, I finished the ironing at 8pm after DH ironed three work shirts at 11am & left the rest (then came in when I was doing it & said I was gonna do that!?!??!?). Enough I say, enough!!!! Right about now I could go back to being twenty one, single & enjoying myself far too much!

 But I’ll wake up in the morning & keep on keeping on!

{OK, just had to get that off my chest – we will now return to normal viewing :-)}

School visits & new supermarket.

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My big girl is going to start school visits next Friday! She will go in from 8:45-morning tea time. I havn’t told her yet but I am sure that she is going to be excited about it. Ohh she is growing up!

Our new supermarket finally opened today. Real flash! Don’t know if anyone has ever been into Turangi’s New World but it was real small & was lacking in variety. We get alot of tourists/visitors to the area and various times of the year it was better to just stay away because of the really long lines. Now we have a brand spanking new one that is three times the size of the old one with a bakery (that is going to be my down fall for a while :-)), deli and all the trimmings.

 I went and signed up at the gym today. Very excited about this. I used to be a real gym bunny back before getting married and having kids. It will be a great stress relief and will get me back into shape.

 I will leave you with this funny comment from my husband.

Me – I brought some cake from the new supermarket if you want to come home and have some.

DH – No thanks, my body is a temple not a warehouse!! ROFL!!!!

I’ve been tagged

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by the lovely Ruth.

My roommate and I once:  ate a lot of curries & drunk a lot hooch!

Never in my life have I: done drugs

High school was : a pain in the backside!!

When I’m nervous : I talk even more than I do normally.

My hair : the longest it has been in a VERY long time.

When I was 5 : I loved going to school

When I turn my head left : I see the hallway

I should be : studying!!

By this time next year : who knows where I will be living!!

My favorite aunt is : they are all pretty cool.

I have a hard time understanding :  what the heck my Maori studies lecturer wants me to do for my assignment!

You know I like you if : I share my chocolate with you! lol

My ideal breakfast is : Pancakes

If you visit my home town :  you will have trouble getting anywhere quickly ’cause there is so much traffic!

If you spend the night at my house:   you’ll have to fight Andre for the TV remote

My Favorite blonde is :  hmmm don’t know really

My favorite brunette is : well Andre has brown hair so I will say him.

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : an elephant, cause that would be just damn funny!

I shouldn’t have been : woken up by Jamie at 4am!!

Last night I:  watched TV when I shold of been studying

A better name for me would be : you tell me

I’ve been told I look like :  no one has told me I look like anyone

If I could have any car, it would be: brand new, sporty and only fit me!!

 I tag anyone who wants to have a go!

Final Grades

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Well my final grades for Semester A have come through. I got –

A for Environmental Education

A- for Social Studies

A- for Information and communication technology

A- for Physical Education

B+ for Professional Practice

B for English

Over all I am very happy with these marks 🙂

Here is the layout that I did for “Kiwi Jack Me Up”.

Great Dad

Check here for the rest of the wonderful layouts!! Why don’t you give it a try too – it’s heaps of fun.

A big thanks to Ruth and Janine for the lessons on how to do the ‘linky thing!’. Easy once you know how. Thanks ladies.

 Jamie is sick now! Yeah – not. She has the starting of a chest infection and an ear infection. Please do not let me get sick – I do not have time to get sick.